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Couples therapy throughout Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles

I am passionate about creating, rekindling, preserving the intimacy and passion in relationships. I help couples understand how a fulfilling sex life is an essential element to maintain a well-balanced and healthy life. A satisfying sex life could mean several things. My duty is simply to work with you and your partner to come up with your own unique solution.

Marital conflict, sexual dysfunction and lack of communication are just a few issues reported by the couples I have worked with. Aside from the many personal stories I’ve heard throughout my clinical experiences, there are also studies that also prove this.

I use powerful communication strategies and behavioral techniques to help couples release negative emotions that may block sexual desire, guilt and fears of intimacy and sexual inhibition. I will work with both partners to resolve both small and big issues they are facing. By using my techniques, I will help you achieve a more intimate, satisfying and passionate relationship. If necessary, I will help you regain any loss of respect that might have occurred through fights and outbursts.

Through my therapy I will help you calm your thinking, while sympathizing and empathizing with you. We will discuss the setbacks you are experiencing and how to improve the situation. I will guide you and advise you on the best way for you to deal with your experiences so they do not consume your life. Together, we will learn and practice how to let go and move on to achieve a much happier life.

If incompatibility is the issue, I will also help you realize that. Together, we will work on identifying each partner’s visions, morals and goals. This will help us see the root of all problems. If there is absolutely no solution to stop bickering or to prevent the fighting cycle, we will come up with easy separation and easy mediation solutions. At the end of it all, our goal is to achieve happiness and satisfaction for both partners.

Psychotherapy for couples and relationships:

  • Infidelity
  • Cheating
  • Lying
  • Divorce
  • Healthy mediation of breakups
  • Avoid blame game
  • Sexless marriage
  • Premarital counseling
  • Financial stress
  • Healthy communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intimacy building and rekindling intimacy and passion
  • Conflicting goals for future
  • Travel
  • Finances
  • Kids
  • Location
  • Separation
  • Life plans

What Dr. Karen Stewart’s therapy offers:

  • A safe space to feel your feelings
  • To feel and really be in the moment identify
  • Discover the source of the problem to work through the issue mindfulness techniques
  • Peace of mind