Karen Stewart Psy. D
Dr. Karen Stewart

Nationally Renowned Clinical Psychologist Specializing in Sex and Couples Therapy

Santa Monica Office 3201 Wilshire Blvd Suite 320
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Beverly Hills Office 864 S Robertson Blvd Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Relationship and Couples Therapy

Dr. Stewart teaches powerful communication strategies and behavioral techniques to help couples navigate through relationship hurdles and milestones.

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Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

Dr. Stewart uses adaptive treatment methods to help patients experiencing grief, loss, hopelessness, obsessive thoughts, anxiety, fear, suicidal ideation, and more.

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Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Whether a patient is experiencing marital conflict, sexual dysfunction, or suffering from an inhibited libido, Dr. Stewart helps patients’ relationship with sex and intimacy.

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Sex Therapy

Dr. Stewart is an expert at understanding sexual desires, navigating an individual’s sexuality, exploring patients’ fetishes, and treating sexual disorders through sex therapy.

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Sex Therapy
Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Dr. Stewart offers solution-driven therapeutic services for couples experiencing marital conflict, sexual dysfunction, loss of respect, and lack of communication between partners.

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Anxiety Therapy

Dr. Stewart helps patients address personal problems by using mindfulness techniques, so that their symptoms of anxiety and depression are mitigated or eliminated.

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Anxiety Therapy

Renowned Psychologist in Los Angeles

Karen Stewart

Dr. Karen Stewart, Psy. D, is a Los Angeles-based, nationally renowned clinical psychologist specializing in sex and couples therapy. For more than a decade, Dr. Stewart has helped patients overcome sexual dysfunction and sexual disorders, as well as depression and anxiety, and has counseled countless individuals and couples into secure, fulfilling and loving relationships. With offices located in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, as well as virtual and telephone sessions available, Dr. Stewart helps patients across Los Angeles improve their sex lives and personal relationships.

Dr. Stewart has been recognized nationwide as a go-to source for information regarding sex and couples therapy, addiction, stress and anxiety, and current events. Dr. Stewart has been consulted as an expert on various news and television programs, from Good Morning America and Good Day LA, to ABC Nightline and CBS LA. She’s contributed writing to a variety of print and digital outlets including Women’s Health, Redbook Magazine, and Good Housekeeping.

Everything from Professional Sex Therapy to Anxiety Therapy

Dr. Karen Stewart adapts her therapeutic approach to meet the unique needs of each patient. She offers counseling in sex therapy and couples therapy, as well as depression and anxiety therapy to patients from all different backgrounds. She listens to patients’ issues and provides encouraging, individuated, and professional feedback.

While Dr. Stewart specializes in sex and couples psychotherapy, she also offers guidance and professional development to aspiring psychologists. She has professional trainings in relationship, couples, and sex therapies, and teaches focused studies on sexuality, sexual dysfunction, and sexual desire disorders.

Dr. Stewart makes each patient feel heard when expressing their feelings regarding sensitive topics. She works to develop trust and a genuine connection with each patient. Dr. Karen Stewart is now seeing new patients. Contact Dr. Karen Stewart’s office today to schedule an appointment

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Sex and Relationship Expert Correspondent As Seen On:

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Karen Stewart Psy. D

Personal Statement:

„I believe therapy is a positive growth experience for individuals and couples who have various challenges in their lives. I have worked with clients on a variety of life's struggles including depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency, life transitions, and self-esteem issues. I have worked with couples on sexual dysfunction and desire issues, relationship problems, infidelity, and communication difficulties. I have assisted clients through struggles with their sexuality, Gay and Lesbian issues, and various health concerns including AIDS and HIV infected and affected persons. I am devoted to my work and dedicated to helping my patients live healthier, more fulfilling lives.“