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Santa Monica, CA 90403

Beverly Hills Office 864 S Robertson Blvd Suite 210
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The most trusted therapist in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica

Dr. Karen Stewart, will provide a therapeutic approach to the needs of all her patients in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Along with her expert team, the most common therapy modalities used are psycho-dynamic, short-term/solution focused therapy, self-psychology, insight oriented and differentiation theories for couples and individuals. When you visit us, we will discuss any possible setbacks and how to properly and efficiently improve your situation.

We understand how these thoughts work, as well as how certain times, situations, losses, or changes in daily functioning could have led to the loss of feeling. We can help guide you in the right direction in obtaining the right skills to live your best lives.

Dr. Stewart is passionate about breaking down certain taboos or myths which surround sexuality. Her goal is to help individuals and partners become more sexually informed and satisfied. Our approach helps achieve better sexual health and wellness in relationships.

Our therapy is the best answer for those who wish to explore certain sexual and romantic feelings. It is also for those who want to work through difficult times to learn about themselves in an unbiased, non-judgmental environment. By beginning therapy, you will learn how certain experiences have affected you and how you can grow from them.

When you visit or rely on Dr. Stewart you will be able to speak freely, let go and move on to live a better life. Because she understands everyone is different she is prepared to focus on a variety of areas. With Dr. Stewart, everything is considered. All factors that affect a client’s sexual health will be touched on. This includes personal beliefs, values, feelings, culture, religion, past experiences and more. The goal is to achieve wellbeing through: happiness, fulfillment, security, comfort, calmness, respect, and a regained connection to life.

Benefits of Dr. Karen Stewart’s approach:

  • Traditional psychotherapy
  • Traditional therapist with a non-traditional approach
  • Comfortable talking about an uncomfortable subject
  • Connect and build a report with my patients
  • Real and down to earth counseling
  • Doctorate level expertise
  • Let go and move on the happier life
  • Safe space to feel your feelings
  • To feel and really be in the moment
  • Constructive advice on how to deal with sensitive situations